Pre-school management

A parent/carer management committee  - whose members are elected by the parents/carers of the children attending the pre-school - manages the school and is responsible for:

  • managing the pre-school's finances;
  • employing and managing the staff;
  • making sure the pre-school has, and works to, policies to ensure a high quality service; 
  • ​making sure the pre-school works in partnership with it's parents.

The Committee meets at least 4 times a year to discuss and manage any matters arising.

The Annual General Meeting is open to all parents/carers of the children in attendance, and typically happens at the beginning of each pre-school year in September. We also host an annual wine and cheese evening for parents and staff to get to know one another.

St. Chad's Pre-School. a: 54-56 Abbey Lane, Woodseats, Sheffield. t: 0752 6100755. e:     

Registered Charity Number: 1037932

Sarah, mum to Joseph, 3.

Working together

St. Chad's Pre-school has a high ratio of adults to children in the setting. This helps us to:

  • give time and attention to each child;
  • ​talk with the children about their interests and activities;
  • ​help children to experience and benefit from the activities that we provide; and
  • allow the children to explore and be adventurous safely.

We currently employ 7 staff at St. Chad's Pre-school, all are CRB checked and we provide regular training for our staff in terms of first aid and child protection. Our upper limit of 21 children per session enables your child to have the best support from our staff.

As a member of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, we recognise that parents and carers are the first and most important educators of their children. Our staff see themselves as co-workers with you and, as such, there are many ways in which we encourage you to be involved in the pre-school:

  • help at sessions (please note, this can only happen once a term due to current child protection legislation);
  • ​being part of the management committee; and
  • taking part in events, and extra community activities in which the pre-school takes part.

We also work with parents on Record of Achievements - confidential development records that will remain with your child even as they leave the pre-school and move on. This record helps us to celebrate his/her achievements. Your child's key person will work with you to collect information about your child's needs, activities, interests and progress to ensure the effective development and well-being of your child.​

"It's a warm, intimate and welcoming setting, my son really enjoys it..."

"We're encouraged to talk with the aunties about our children from the start - to really help them understand our child, and their specific needs"​​

St. Chad's Pre-school

54-56 Abbey Lane, Sheffield S8 0BP​